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Happy New Year from The Local

The clock has struck midnight in Sweden, so... Gott Nytt År and Happy New Year!

UN extends investigation of Swedish leader's mysterious 1961 death

The United Nations General Assembly on Friday approved a resolution extending the investigation into the mysterious 1961 death of...

The week in Sweden: Goats, Christmas and tax reforms

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Sweden reveals 35 new words of the year – do you know what they mean?

A list of 35 new words that helped define Swedish society in 2019 has been unveiled by the country's top language experts. Here's...

Where to celebrate a spectacular New Year's Eve in Sweden

With only a few days left until it is 2020, the question is: Where to celebrate the new year? The Local has listed some of the best...

Living in Sweden? Here's how your taxes are changing in 2020

Sweden's tax reforms will affect several groups of people in 2020. But what do you stand to gain or lose from the changes?

Gävle's ill-fated Christmas goat survives as smaller sibling burns

A small straw yule goat was set on fire in the city of Gävle in the early hours of Friday, but its larger and more famous sibling...

Ten photos that show Sweden is a perfect winter wonderland

We're now well into winter, and these photos are all the proof you need that Sweden is the most incredible place to spend the season....

Month by month: How to have a perfect 2020 in Sweden

Every month has something different to offer in Sweden. With its many traditions, nature and culture, no month is the same. The Local...

Quiz: How well do you remember 2019 in Sweden?

Can you remember what happened in Sweden in 2019? Take our quiz to test yourself.

Swedish youth faces trial for Columbine homage attack plot

A Swedish youth faces trial for allegedly plotting an attack at his old high school on the 20th anniversary of the Columbine massacre...

#AdventCalendar: How a Swedish-American created the modern image of Santa Claus

Each day of December up until Christmas Eve, The Local is sharing the story behind a surprising Swedish fact as part of our own Advent...

Thousands caught up in travel chaos after trains grind to a halt in southern Sweden

Thousands of passengers were affected by train problems in southern Sweden on the day before Christmas Eve – with few alternative...

Thousands stranded after trains grind to a halt in southern Sweden

Thousands of passengers were caught up in travel chaos the day before Christmas Eve after trains ground to a standstill in southern...

Quick Poll: Is Christmas better in Sweden or back home?

Have you gone full Swedish at Christmas or do you still prefer the holiday season back home? Join the debate on The Local.

Don't despair, the days are already getting longer in Sweden

The shortest day of the year has come and gone, and Sweden is heading towards brighter times.

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