Apocalyptic Footage Shows Massive Locust Swarm In Africa

Swarm consumes entire valley in Kenya

Jussie Smollett Indicted And The Age Of Fake Hate Crimes

Justice finally comes for former 'Empire' actor.

Watch: The Trial of Roger Stone – Part 1

What did he do to deserve this harshness?

Shocking Disrespect! Omar & Tlaib Refuse To Honor Black WWII Hero

“General McGee, our nation salutes you. Thank you. sir,” - President Trump.

The Trial of Roger Stone

Watch & share part one of this powerful report on the Deep State's efforts to destroy an honest American

Female Runners File Suit to Bar Trans Males From Girls’ Sports

Biological males dominating New England high school track meets

Woman Given Prison Sentence For Beating Up Migrant Stalker

Belgian court cracks down on woman terrorized by Syrian migrant

Watch Live: China Caught Lying About Coronavirus As Death Count Skyrockets

Is the virus much worse than we are being told?

Study: Never-Before-Seen Extinct Species of Human Found Lurking in Genes of Today’s West Africans

DNA code detectable only by a few tell-tale genetic markers

Coronavirus Outbreak Delayed North Korea’s ‘Christmas’ ICBM Launch – Report

Expert claims NK doesn’t want to make things worse for China

Study: Learning Second Language Delays Dementia

Researchers find bilingualism provides brain with greater cognitive reserve, delaying onset of symptoms

YouTube Deletes Video of Rand Paul Saying Name Of CIA Whistleblower on Senate Floor

Paul called the move 'A chilling and disturbing day in America.'

Cambridge Academic Says Human Race Must Become Extinct to Save the Planet

And white men are first to go, obviously.

Watch Bernie Sanders Praise Food Lines, Communism & Socialism

Show this video to people who don't think Sanders is a full-blown commie.

US Mandatory Spending Projected to Increase Over a Trillion Dollars by 2023

When candidates promise more “real money” for higher spending, they are not talking of real money. They are talking about real debt.

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