Socialism For Thee, Not For Me: Bernie Demands Hotel Rooms With Cold A/C, Fast-Flushing Toilets in Leaked Memo

Meanwhile, residents of socialist Venezuela go without electricity and running water

Researchers Stumped Over Mysterious Objects Orbiting Around Supermassive Black Hole

Objects show characteristics of gas, dust clouds but behave like stellar-mass bodies

Tune In: Trump Impeachment Trial Begins, But It’s Up to Americans to Embrace Liberty

America isn't just about one man. Trump isn't the only person in the arena. YOU are, too. Share this link!

China’s Economy Grows at Slowest Rate In Decades

Trade war with US major factor in slowdown

Watch Live: Northam’s Order Challenged & Prohibition After 100 Years

The blackface governor who advocates murdering children post-birth also wants to take your guns.

40% of Countries in the World to Experience Civil Unrest in 2020

New report warns social disorder will become more intense.

UK Company Creates Knives Without Tips as Crime Wave Soars to Decade High

Knives designed to prevent "fatalities."

Broadcaster Apologises for ‘Jesus is a F****t’ Song – to LGBT Community

“Whether Jesus, Muhammad, or Buddha are homosexual, trans, bisexual, or queer does not bother us."

Human Rights Watch: China Is “Existential Threat” To Global Freedom

Warns of “a dystopian future in which no one is beyond the reach of Chinese censors"

Campaign Funds Used to Bail Out Bernie Sanders Field Director After Drug Arrest?

Sanders campaign may have bailed out violent Stalinist recently exposed by Project Veritas.

Astronomers discover class of strange objects near our galaxy’s enormous black hole

The Earth is in the suburbs compared to the center of the galaxy, says astronomer

Acting ICE Director Blasts ‘Ignorant’ Open Borders Protesters

Matthew Albence rips left’s push for lawlessness

Watch Live: Radical Communist Bernie Sanders Campaign Worker Arrested For Drug Paraphernalia Charge

Violent Sanders team member arrested weeks before he was exposed by Project Veritas.

A Limited-Government Republic versus a National-Security State

What is a national-security state?

Goldman Sachs Clients 87 Per Cent Sure Trump Will be Re-Elected

So long as the economy holds up.

Swamp Creatures Unite! Comey’s Daughter Among Deep Staters Prosecuting Anti-Trump Leaker

Woman who pled guilty to conspiracy may avoid jail time with help from Dems.

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