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Paris stabbing: What is happening in Paris? Latest from Villejuif

PARIS police have shot dead a knifeman who stabbed multiple people in a park. So what is happening in Paris?

Labour feud: How Jess Phillips clashed with Diane Abbott – 'I told her to f*** off!'

LABOUR leadership hopeful Jess Phillips once had an explosive row with Diane Abbott, during which she claimed she told her “f*** off”.

M4 traffic latest: M4 closed after serious crash -witness 'praying they make it out alive'

THE M4 has been closed near Newport after a serious crash which has left one man in hospital and miles of queues on the motorway.

Brexit showdown: Boris Johnson set for crunch talks with EU chief Ursula von der Leyen

BORIS JOHNSON is set to hold crunch talks with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at Downing Street next week, it...

Donald Trump TAUNTS Iran after deadly US airstrike - 'Never won a war!'

US President Donald Trump wasted little time taunting Iran as the sun rose on the east coast of the United States hours after the...

EU crisis: Austria REJECTS major trade deal in huge blow for Brussels

AUSTRIA has thrown the European Union’s decades-long Mercosur trade talks into disarray after the country’s new government will not...

Trump's horrifying Iran war prediction exposed: 'Attack will start before election!'

DONALD TRUMP has sparked further hostility between the US and Iran after he gave the go ahead for a deadly drone strike on Iranian...

'For once try not to side with our enemies!' Corbyn SAVAGED over Iran attack comments

LABOUR Corbyn has urged the Government to stand up to the "belligerent actions and rhetoric" from the US after the nation killed Iran's...

Vegan victory: Landmark ruling designates veganism ‘philosophical belief’ protected by law

VEGANISM is a philosophical belief and is therefore protected by law, an employment tribunal has ruled.

US airstrikes LIVE: Updates as fears of World War 3 erupt after Trump orders brutal attack

FEARS have erupted that World War 3 may soon be underway after US President Donald Trump ordered an attack on an Iranian airport,...

Middle East on the brink: US' 'act of terrorism' was 'rogue adventurism' - Iran to Trump

IRAN’S Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has issued a chilling warning to Donald Trump, after a US airstrike killed a top military...

World War 3 panic: US airstrike kills top Iranian commander after Trump conflict warning

US AIRSTRIKES have killed a top Iranian military commander, according to US and Iraqi officials.

World War 3 fury: The chilling image shared by Trump after ordering horror Baghdad attack

DONALD TRUMP has provoked Iran on social media following a US air-strike which killed General Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Iranian...

Brexit Betrayal: Lib Dems seek to scupper Brexit AGAIN - this time with a public inquiry

THE Liberal Democrats are desperately seeking to delay Brexit by holding a public inquiry.

ISIS threat: UK jihadis could exploit human rights laws to force their return to UK

BORIS JOHNSON has been warned that British jihadis in Syria could exploit the repatriation of their children to the UK as a way of...

Boris Johnson faces WAR with union barons as they vow to ‘resist’ PM’s radical reforms

UNION barons are gearing up to “strenuously resist” Boris Johnson’s plans for a “seismic” shake-up to modernise Whitehall. The Prime...

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